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Let me just start out by providing a little bit of backstory context…I have been working in Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) almost exclusively for the last 13 months. Everything that I know has been either self-taught or intuited and while I’m a reasonably quick study, generally speaking, but, in an effort to be as self-aware as possible, I acknowledge that I have quite a few foundational holes in my understanding of many things digital analytics.

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Let me explain, in my last 13 months of my digital analytics quest I have been able to accomplish some fairly…

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So…I feel like I need to start this last post with an apology! If you recall in the 8th of 12 posts journaling my digital analytics quest with CXL Institute, I covered the first two components of a Tag Management System (TMS) (e.g., the Tag and Trigger), and at the end of the post I promised to cover the last main TMS component…the Variable!

“Mercer” of Measurement Marketing did a phenomenal job in my CXL beginner and intermediate Google Tag Manager courses explaining that variables are easily the most versatile component of any tag management…

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Hello there, welcome back!

This is the second to last week of my Digital Analytics Quest that I have been pursuing while undertaking the Digital Analytics Mini-Degree at the CXL Institute. I have so many feelings!

This has been such an enriching and enlightening experience for me, I can’t really remember feeling this confident in any type of skill set in my entire life! It’s a pretty emboldening feeling, so if you are looking to level up any of your digital marketing skills (e.g., Digital Analytics, Customer Acquisition, Conversion Rate Optimization, Growth Marketing, Digital Psychology…

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Hi there and welcome back!

I know that in previous posts, I have been hawking CXL courses like those annoying infomercials sales people. “Look! It’s Easy!”

But, I promise, I wouldn’t be advocating these courses if I hadn’t found REAL, tangible value in them. I really ought to send a fruit basket to all of the instructors for how many problems that they’ve helped me solve over the last ten weeks.

In this post I want to discuss a problem that I have ran into in the past and how I found the workaround solution…

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Well hello again!

In this week’s blog post, I am going to take a little bit of a different approach to what I learned in my CXL Digital Analytics mini-degree program. This principle was more mentioned and lightly touched on than actually explored in Chris Mercer’s Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager classes and I think that it’s importance is vital enough to a digital analyst that it should have its very own blog post. This principle, or language actually, is the language of Regular Expression (more commonly known as “RegEx”).

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What is Regular Expression? Well…

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Well, I just got my first round of the COVID-19 vaccination and it’s showing…so this may disappoint or delight you depending on if my brand of humor matches yours that I will not be nearly as snarky or whimsical in this post. Apologies in advance. Now, in this week’s blog post I want to conduct a macro-to-microscopic overview and deep dive of Google Tag Manager and its components as I learned them from CXL Institute’s Digital Analytics mini-degree program.

So what is a Google Tag Manager, anyways? Well, Google Tag Manager is a Tag Management System…

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Well, it’s official…earlier this week I finished up my CXL Digital Analytics mini-degree course work! I am a certified, bonafide, sanctified Digital Analyst. Okay, maybe not sanctified, but fortified, perhaps? In many ways, I suppose. Edified? Absolutely.

So, now that I’m basically a pro, I’m going to go forth and share my newly acquired wisdom with one and all…well, all that care to learn about the Dark Arts that is Digital Analytics. Whoa! Dark Arts’ initials are D.A., and Digital Analytics’ initials are also D.A…. Coincidence? I think not. Well, I suppose the same could be…

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Well here we are in week 6, halfway through my allotted time to complete this CXL Digital Analytics Mini-degree program and I am continuing to be humbled all while learning so, SO much. So, instead of digressing ad nauseam like a recipe blogger, I will cut to the chase and get into the “meat and potatoes” of what I have learned this week. This week was mostly dedicated to the Data Visualization and Presentation module of my program. …

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Hi! Welcome back, stranger!

Another crazy-busy, super-productive, information-jam-packed week is in the books. Five down, seven to go and these CXL courses continue to humble me as they continue to shatter my painfully under-qualified overestimation of my understanding of certain Digital Analytics subjects. But, I suppose that’s just the Continuing Education Paradox, which for those of my adoring readers that are unfamiliar with this phenomenon, the Continuing Education Paradox is that there is a point in one’s pursuit of learning where you begin to realize more and more that the more you learn, the more you…

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Hi! Welcome back, stranger!

I am happy to report that this week has been crazy busy and super productive with the help of the skills I’ve been learning from CXL. If there is anything that I can say that may help you in making up your mind about taking a CXL course or pursuing one of their mini-degrees, I have never taken a course that has allowed me to immediately apply what I’m learning and look like a damn Rock Star while you’re doing it! But, seriously…I’m not even kidding!

In just the four weeks that…

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Just a nomadic digital analyst finding his way to great light and knowledge through sharing it with you!

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